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V2 Cigs: The Game Changing Player

If you’ve been searching high and low for a safe, affordable alternative to the habit of cigarette smoking, or if you’ve simply been looking to rid yourself of all of your bad habits, once and for all, pay attention!

It turns out you really don’t have to sacrifice something you love! If cigarette smoking satisfaction is what you crave, look no further. You don’t have to give up the things you love. You just have to make a few quick and easy changes in your life.

You can deal with changes, right? Especially when you know it’s a change that will impact your life for the better, and by far! V2 Cigs is here to change the way you think about smoking. If you think you’ve heard it all, you’re wrong! And now it’s time to learn exactly what you’ve been missing, as well as how you can stop missing out!

Listen up, because the game just got real. It’s time to stop wasting your time and your money on a nasty, expensive habit that will drain your wallet and possibly end your life long before your natural time. Why should free, proud Americans keep on giving billions of dollars to Big Tobacco? The hell with their precious profits, and the misery and suffering they cause! It’s time to change the game, and throw the old bums out!

And when you discover the truth about V2 Cigs, you’ll be proud to know that you’re doing your part to end the domination of Big Tobacco or, to be truthful, Big Cancer! If you’re looking to change your game, V2 Cigs has the new playbook you’ll need!

Your Sterling Standard Of Quality

V2 Cigs is the leading provider of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction on the modern international market place. The days of Big Cancer are numbered, and it’s high time that you learned exactly why.

The truth is simple: electronic cigarettes are safer, healthier, less messy, and far more cost effective! Not only will you not pay an arm and a leg on increasingly higher taxed packs and cartons of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes, but you won’t get COPD or die of cancer! How’s that for a bargain?

All joking aside, electronic cigarettes have been methodically tested and scientifically proven to be far less dangerous to use than tobacco cigarettes. And that’s all the reason any rational thinking human being really needs to make the change!

Standard Starter Kit: Enter The Future, Today

V2 Cigs’ revolutionary new Standard Starter Kit is the perfect entry point for you to journey on your maiden voyage to the realm of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure. All the ingredients you need to make the change with are present, and the price is right! If you need a reason to get rid of your traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes, the V2 Standard Starter Kit is the proof you need that you are definitely making the right choice. So, if you’ve ever been tempted to check out an electronic cigarette, make sure it’s a V2. If you’re going to try something new, you may well go whole hog and start with the best. Why settle for less, when V2 Cigs are so luxurious and inexpensive?

Get yourself a V2 Cigs Standard Starter Kit today! The V2 Standard comes with a fully revamped repertoire of components. Not only has V2 upped its flavor game, but it has also rebranded its signature line of budget priced starter kits. The V2 Standard has been created for maximum convenience, and priced to sell. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the components which make up this amazing new starter kit. We believe that, once you’ve seen for yourself everything that the V2 Standard Starter Kit contains, you’ll agree that V2 truly does offer everything you need to begin enjoying a refreshing new form of smoking satisfaction and pleasure. The choice is up to you!

Components Of The Master Class

The V2 Standard Kit has recently seen a comprehensive upgrade in design and production values. As a result, the Standard Kit includes the new V2 Smart Charger. This is a revolutionary new internal chip (the most sophisticated of its kind) which endows the Smart Charger with safety features unheard of in any competitor’s model. The Smart Charger is specially equipped to prevent overcharging. This means that you can now safely leave your Smart Charger to fire up on its own, without worrying about any ill effects. The Smart Charger charges up, then shuts off when its supply is filled. You can’t ask for more attention paid to detail and safety, especially from the competition, which provides you very little assurance of either!

The Standard Starter Kit includes: 1 V2 Automatic Battery (when combined with the V2 Smart Charger listed above, guarantee you a lifetime of service), 1 V2 Manual Battery, 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges, and 1 Wall Adapter, which guarantees access to a refreshing V2 vaping session practically anywhere you happen to find yourself. So, if you find yourself on a long car trip, or in a layover at the airport, bus, or train terminal, you can enjoy a quick vape just by plugging in the Wall Adapter. V2’s patented adapters virtually eliminate the pain and inconvenience of having no access to a power source in order to charge your V2 e-cig batteries. When it comes to personal convenience, V2 is state of the art!

Promotional Discount Coupon Codes

Please be advised that V2 Cigs has just announced a series of promotional discount codes and online coupons which are good for excellent savings on all of its products. For example, V2 Cigs has announced a line of coupons which guarantee you a savings of 15% off on all of its starter kits, including (but not limited to) the Standard Starter Kit. V2 Cigs has also announced that it will be offering a coupon discount of 10% on all of its other products. The time to check out V2 Cigs is now!


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