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June 23, 2013


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NutriCigs: A Whole Breed Of Electronic Cigarette

Have you been searching for an entirely new way to enjoy electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction?

I know I definitely have.

I was a smoker for years, only recently making the switch full time to E-cigs. I’ve definitely never regretted my decision. Electronic cigarettes are far easier to utilize, a thousand times more convenient, infinitely less messy and smelly, and far more enjoyable to smoke as a result!

I’ve never gone back to traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes, and I’m here to share my reasons for that decision. The truth is, with all of the advantages and improvements that electronic cigarettes offer to the modern 21st century smoker, there’s simply no reason to smoke your grandfather’s cigarette!

Is There A Future For E-Cigs? You Better Believe It!

NutriCigs is a whole new breed of electronic cigarette. Since I first tried this brand a month ago, I’ve become totally convinced that Nutricigs really does represent the future of the E-cig industry.

Why should the company make this claim?

Actually, they don’t, but in this review, I’ll be so bold as to do it for them, and here’s why.

NutriCigs isn’t just a manufacturer of your standard electronic cigarette. As cool as E-cigs are, NutriCigs has found a way to make them even better. Everyone who’s ever tried an electronic cigarette knows just how refreshingly different the sensation of vaping is, compared to the age old sensation of inhaling tobacco smoke. But Nutricigs takes that sensation to a whole new level, and adds a few new ingredients to the mix.

Question: Can Vaping Help You Lose Weight?

Have you ever wondered if there’s any truth to the old myth that smoking regularly really helps to inhibit your appetite, thus enabling you to shed off a few unwanted pounds?

Well, science has shown that there really is some truth to this old wive’s tale (apologies to any old wives who may be reading this!). However, how much benefit you really derive from this old truism depends very greatly on the type of cigarette you’re smoking.

Sure, using traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes may help you to lose a few pounds. But, on the downside, you’ve sure got a lot of negatives to consider. For one thing, it’s been proven that tobacco cigarettes are stuffed with unwanted additives, fillers, and preservatives. And, of course, there’s the risk of cancer, heart attack, COPD, you name it. Who needs it?

The Answer: Vaping With NutriCigs Can!

NutriCigs enters the picture here with an amazing and revolutionary new brand of electronic cigarettes that can deliver all of the weight loss advantages of smoking.

Did you know that Nutricigs actually comes in three different varieties, each with a specific purpose in mind? You’ll read more about this below.

Here’s another thing that may interest you. NutriCigs doesn’t manufacture or market in the usual way. There are no starter kits and no accessories. Nutricigs deals only in disposable e cigarettes.

As mentioned above, there are three different types: Appetite Suppressant, Energy Booster, and Sleep Aid. Let’s have a look at all three of these varieties.

NutriCigs Slim: Appetite Suppressant

NutriCigs SlimDoes NutriCigs’ Appetite Suppressant model really work?

To be dead honest, I’ve never found myself in the position of being overweight, so I can’t say that I’ve managed to shed some amazing number of pounds just by using them. However, they do use tried and true ingredients for appetite suppression such as Nicotine, EtOH, and Hoodia. Not to mention, I didn’t eat for several hours after using the Slim model. My NutriCig may very well be to blame for that.

I will say this, though: No matter what brand of Nutricig you care to use, they’re all delicious! And there’s a nice variety of flavors to choose from as well. No more being bored to death with smoking the same old traditional tobacco and menthol flavors. With Nutricigs you get to choose among flavors such as chocolate and even cherry! Of course, if you’ve got to have traditional tobacco and menthol or nothing, Nutricigs has them available for you to choose.

The Weight Of Public Opinion Is Overwhelming

So how can I sit here and type that NutriCigs Appetite Suppressant electronic cigarettes really do what they say they do? It’s simple. The evidence of testimonials gathered from the world wide web doesn’t lie. Of course, you can solicit testimonials with the power of the almighty dollar, but only on your own site (and a few others through payola). But can you control the opinions of thousands of other writers on completely independent review sites which are expressly dedicated to publishing dispassionate, completely impartial opinions? So many people have written in to express their utmost delight and satisfaction with Nutricigs Appetite Suppressant E-cigs that they simply can’t all be lying.

NutriCigs All Natural Energy Boost

Nutricigs EnergyNow this, on the other hand, is one model I’ve definitely found some immediate results from. NutriCigs’ second variety of electronic cigarette is their All Natural Energy Booster, and it really does do the job it claims to!

Like many of you who are reading this, I’ve had my issues with sustaining my level of energy throughout an entire working day. Hours are getting longer, deadlines are getting nearer, and production quotas just seem to keep exponentially increasing. So you’ve got to have more energy than ever, especially since multi-tasking seems to be the new law of Corporate America.

So can using electronic cigarettes such as NutriCigs really give you an energy boost? This is where NutriCigs’ “fortified” formula really comes through in a pinch.

I have to admit that, after enjoying a refreshing vape, I really was bright and alert, and full of energy. You can go to the official Nutricigs company website to get all of the details on how it works. All I will say here is that, yes, the system really does work! Oh, and the active ingredients for NutriCigs Energy e cig include know stimulants such as nicotine, B6, B12, synephrine, caffeine, as well as some others.

NutriCigs All Natural Sleep Aid

Nutricigs SleepNutriCigs’ third variety is their All Natural Sleep Aid. Once again, I’ve tried this baby, and it sure does work!

NutriCigs expressly recommends that you try this one only before going to bed at night, and there’s a reason for this. Vaping with this formula really did relax me, especially since I’d had such a hard, relentless slog at the office that day.

My mind was racing, my nerves were “wired”, and I was really in need of a refreshing sleep.

The Nutricigs Sleep Aid formula put me out like a light, and I enjoyed one of the best sleep sessions I’ve had in years! The contributing ingredients to this delightful sleep include tryptophan, tyrosine, melatonin, and GABA.

So there you have it. Nutricigs comes with three different formulas, all of which have attracted thousands of glowing testimonials on the web. I’ve tried all of them for myself, and experienced excellent results with them all. But don’t take my word for it. Try Nutricigs for yourself, and see if you agree. I’m going to go out on a limb and recommend them unreservedly. See for yourself! Don’t forget your coupon at the top of this page!