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June 10, 2013


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You’ve Got The Green Light For Green Smoke!

If you’ve been searching for the ultimate in modern electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction, rejoice! Your search is at an end!

Green Smoke has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in the modern international market place, and for good reason! If you’ve been looking for a replacement for your old, boring, traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes, Green Smoke is the choice of champions! You won’t find a smoother, more satisfying, smoke anywhere else.

And if you’re a vaper on a budget, you’ll be especially glad to hear about all the fantastic new promotional coupon codes and discounts that Green Smoke has made available to its legions of loyal customers!

The truth is that, while other cigarette companies, traditional and electronic alike, make a big buzz about giving their loyal customers the best deals on top of the line products and accessories, Green Smoke is the one leading manufacturer that really puts its money where your mouth is! And if you haven’t had your smackers on a tasty sweet Green Smoke electronic cigarette, you simply don’t have the first clue as to what you’ve been missing!

So now is the time to get hip to Green Smoke, while the products are top notch, and the savings is assured! Check below for a great new promotional discount coupon code that will literally save you money, even as you spend it! You’ll be amazed!

Everybody’s Going Green

Green Smoke Ultimate KitGreen Smoke electronic cigarettes make use of some of the freshest, most innovative, and just plain revolutionary and radical new developments in modern technology. This is the magic recipe for Green Smoke’s unprecedented success in the industry.

You know when you’re smoking a Green Smoke e-cig because the flavor satisfaction you get simply can’t be duplicated by any of the company’s so called competitors! And you know just as quickly when you aren’t smoking a Green Smoke product because you definitely aren’t getting anywhere near the smoking satisfaction, or the economic savings, that you truly deserve and ought to expect as a customer in the market place!

So why settle for less when getting the best is so easy, and so cheap? Green Smoke has all of the perks, all of the savings, and all of the satisfaction, all wrapped up in one handy, convenient package, and waiting for you! Discover for yourself this amazing new rainbow of flavor sensations, and we guarantee you’ll never go back! If vaping is your pleasure, you owe it to yourself to check out Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, sooner rather than later!

It’s Time To Get Hip To The Green Scene

Perhaps the greatest advance in convenience that Green Smoke has introduced to the e cig market place has been its amazing and revolutionary new design.

A Green Smoke electronic cigarette makes use of a design which consists of a cartomizer (which is the cartridge which provides you with a full supply of long lasting electronic liquid flavor satisfaction) and a scientifically designed and research tested battery. The battery is, of course, the means by which the cartomizer is heated up to produce the full effect of thick, luxurious, super heated water vapor which gives you the complete Green Smoke electronic cigarette smoking experience.

All you need to do is simply twist the cartomizer and battery together, sit back, and inhale. Within a nanosecond, your lungs will be filled with thick, luxurious, satisfying, Green Smoke electronic cigarette flavor satisfaction!

It really is that quick and that simple!

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the electronic cigarette smoking experience, you won’t for all the tea in China want to ever go back to dangerous, chemical filled, tobacco cigarettes! And you certainly won’t miss all the public opprobrium and hassle that comes with smoking those boring old reds. Who needs it when you can try a modern, 21st century, electronic cigarette, and enjoy it with no fear of shame or ridicule?

Green Smoke: The Ultimate In Flavor Sensation

Green Smoke Flavor Cartridges
Another incredible new innovation that Green Smoke has made is the sheer number of tasty new flavors that the company has introduced to the modern international market place. For years, customers were stuck with two basic flavors, traditional (boring!) tobacco, and menthol.

Luckily, the 21st century is here, and the old days of boredom are happily long in the past. Thanks to Green Smoke, faithful vapers can now enjoy a rainbow of flavor sensations. Of course, for lovers of traditional smoking styles, the old standbys of traditional tobacco and menthol are still available. But there are so many more new and exciting flavors for adventure lovers to get a hold of!

So check out the amazing savings that Green Smoke has made available to its legions of loyal customers. Log on to the official Green Smoke company website and see for yourself the amazing range of products, accessories, and flavors that the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction has in store for you! Don’t forget you’re Green Smoke coupon at the top of this page!