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September 13, 2013


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Vapor4Life = Bang For Your Buck

Of all the many manufacturers of electronic cigarettes currently operating on the modern international market place, one in particular stands out from the crowd. That company is Vapor4Life. Simply put, if you’re in search of the maximum bang for your buck, you need to know who’s got your back. You don’t have time and money to waste on second rate imitations. When you want the best, you go straight to it. And Vapor4Life has put in a serious claim to become your one stop shop for electronic cigarette smoking pleasure. The company’s new line of Vapor Zeus starter kits has set the industry standard when it comes to maximum convenience, cost effectiveness, and sheer vaping satisfaction!

Vapor Zeus, The #1 Starter Kit

Vapor4Life’s revolutionary new Vapor Zeus starter kits are the ultimate providers of sheer electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction. These new starter kits are designed to provide hours of vaping satisfaction, at a price that will make you smile! These incredible new starter kits are manufactured exclusively by Vapor4Life, and are specifically engineered to appeal to an experienced and demanding clientele. However, the first time user of electronic cigarettes is certainly welcome to begin their journey here. When it comes to providing the ultimate value for your dollar, Vapor4Life is certainly not in the business of discriminating against those who seek the best value for the most practical price.

These new soft touch Vapor Zeus starter kits come in automatic and dual-mode styles. This allows you to choose whether you prefer to operate the unit manually, or let the unit itself do all the “heavy lifting”. Regardless of which style you choose, you can rest assured that you are receiving a unit which has been designed and engineered with the highest quality specifications. The Vapor Zeus automatic battery is designed to be activated by simple inhalation. It’s basically the same as smoking a traditional, tobacco filled, cigarette (with all of the advantages and none of the nasty drawbacks and side effects!). If you choose the automatic style, you can rest assured that the unit will work perfectly each time, over a very long period of time to come.

If you prefer to choose the Dual Mode version, you’ll find that this unit comes equipped with an extremely handy additional feature. Indeed, this new feature is so fresh and innovative that it has never appeared before in the entire history of the modern electronic cigarette industry! This amazing and revolutionary new Dual Mode feature has been specially designed to allow the user to choose whether they prefer to have the unit set on automatic or manual mode. All you need do is choose with the touch of a single button! And, best of all, you can even choose whether to use either style as a stand alone battery, or as a passthrough. In short, either version will give the user many hours of maximum electronic cigarette vaping satisfaction.

Auto Starter = Automatic Satisfaction

If you prefer to choose the Vapor Zeus Automatic Battery, you will be well rewarded. The Vapor Zeus Automatic Battery will provide customers with an amazing 5 volts of untrammeled power. This equals up to 12 consecutive hours, just from a single charge! The Vapor Zeus Automatic Battery has been specially designed and engineered to be fully compatible with all existing Vapor4Life products, with the sole exception of the company’s line of EGO Mega Cartomizers. The Automatic Battery starter kit comes equipped with a full line of innovative features. This include a Vapor Zeus Automatic Battery, a USB charging cable, 2 fully customized Smileomizers, a specially designed Slim Wall USB Adapter unit, and a bonus 30ml of e-liquid (your choice of flavor).

Regardless of which unit you choose, you can rest assured that Vapor4Life has gone well above and beyond the call of duty in order to provide you with the world’s state of the art quality vaping sensation. You simply cannot choose a more reliable or cost effective electronic cigarette. If you are a particularly hard customer, for whom only the best will do, Vapor4Life is going to change the way you think about electronic cigarettes. Simply put, you wanted the best, and now you’ve got it! Vapor4Life’s new line of Vapor Zeus starter kits are setting the standard when it comes to electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction. And all you have to do to get in on this fantastic new deal is visit the official Vapor4Life company website, and see for yourself what you’ve been missing!